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Ship Repairs

Subsea regularly carry out assignments which include:

  • Wet welding
  • Aperture blanking
  • Propeller blade repair and replacement
  • Bilge keel cropping
  • Anode replacement (both welded and bolt on)
  • Crack arrest
  • Cofferdam installation
  • Recording of various measurements

In Water Surveys

Subsea in water inspections are a reliable and economic method for monitoring the condition of the ships hull and anti-fouling systems.

Using a variety of tools and techniques Subsea can gather information on the ship below the waterline to meet class and insurance requirements, assess damage and ensure the readiness of the hull and propeller for sea voyage.

Prepair and document the condition of a vessel prior to sale.

We provide still photographs and underwater CCTV.

Civil Engineering and Marine Construction

Subsea civil engineering and marine construction experience includes:

  • Installation of pile protection systems
  • Inspection, maintenance, repair and removal of piles
  • Design and installation of cathodic protection systems
  • Diver dredging and removal of silt build up
  • Concrete breakout and replacement
  • Outfall clearance
  • Dockside wall maintenance
  • Site surveys and detailed technical reports
  • Underwater welding and cutting
  • Pier and jetty servicing
  • Discharge and intake blanking
  • Lock gate maintenance
  • Sewage outfall clearance and installations
  • Anode replacement on dry dock walls/gates

Hull Cleaning

Up to 70% of a ships propulsive energy is used to overcome friction, much of this is caused by biofouling buildup on the hull and propellers.

Regular cleaning of the hull results in a significant reduction in fuel consumption

Other economic benefits of hull cleaning include:

  • Increasing the effective life of anti-foulant coating
  • Removing calcareous growth reduces the likelihood of hull corrosion and pitting.
  • Cleaning fouling grates improves the flow of water to internal machinery.
  • It is an opportunity to inspect the hull for visible signs of damage.

Subsea hull cleaning capabilities include:

  • Sea Chests
  • Rudders
  • Vertical sides
  • Flat bottom
  • Bilge keels

Propeller Polishing

Propeller polishing removes marine growth from propellers which results in better performance and reliability of the vessel and a significant reduction in fuel consumption.

Subsea offers Ruperts grade propeller polishing.

Subsea salvage experience includes:

  • Marine emergency response
  • Wreck refloating and removal
  • Refloating grounded vessels
  • Pollution control and environmental care
  • Underwater bunker/ cargo removal
  • Underwater surveys and CCTV Inspection
  • Pumping services
  • Rectifying of flipped barges
  • Reclaiming of lost cargo


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